Protaras Prepares for a New Era

It’s not a secret: When seasoned travelers visit a holiday destination and are looking for the best restaurants, what do they do? They follow the locals… The same applies to beaches in Cyprus. Follow the permanent residents and you’ll find a steady flow of the inland population driving towards Protaras every weekend. That’s because Protaras is known to have some of the cleanest, safest and most beautiful and popular beaches, as well as more secluded coves, in Cyprus.

Apart from the beaches, what makes Protaras special is that it is midway between two key and opposite attractions along the southeastern coast of the island. On the one hand you have the fun and exciting around-the-clock entertainment of Ayia Napa and on the other hand the serenity, tranquility and natural beauty of the protected Cape Greco peninsula with its enchanting landscape, vegetation and nature trails.

The New Paralimni Marina

And very soon, Protaras will gain yet another, very different dimension to make it even more of a local and regional magnet. By 2021, the new Paralimni Marina along the coast of Protaras will be fully operational, launching a new era in the evolution of this corner of Cyprus. In actual fact, the mood and activity levels in and around Protaras began to change in 2017, when the first contracts for the construction of the new marina were signed. That is because it is not designed to be purely a facility with services for yachts and sailboats, but a fully-fledged destination for everyone.

Take a closer look at the plans and you will quickly recognize the attractive features of this waterfront development. Discerning home buyers dreaming of a property overlooking the sea will be able to choose from apartments and penthouses as well as duplexes and garden villas. Once complete, the development will also include a commercial complex with bars, cafés and restaurants, health and wellness facilities, beach and kids’ clubs, as well as function rooms and lounges.

If you own a boat or a yacht and need a home for it in the Mediterranean, the Paralimni Marina comprises 300 berths for vessels up to 25m length, and will provide all the necessary services, from fuel, electricity and water disposal, to wifi, concierge services and lounge, as well as police, customs and immigration services. In other words, it will be an official point of entry, with access to a well rounded, enjoyable Mediterranean lifestyle.

The Effect of the Project in Protaras

Alongside the construction, the surroundings as a whole have woken up to a new reality. The need to prepare for an increased influx of visitors has prompted local entrepreneurs to expand their offerings – from retail to gastronomy and leisure options – to appeal to this new market. Competition is driving businesses to upgrade their products and services with attention to quality and value for money. Construction activity has moved into a higher gear.

Furthermore, the project will add value to properties both in the immediate vicinity and in nearby locations. As a result, prices for all types of residential properties are starting to rise, as investors in general and candidates for the Cyprus Investment Program, in particular, discover the potential of Protaras. For anyone interested in investing in real estate in Cyprus, Protaras is now offering buyers the opportunity to benefit from exceptional returns on any investment in and around this beautiful seaside resort, as it prepares for a bright future.

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Date published: July 30, 2019