Obtaining The Cyprus Passport

Gaining Cyprus Citizenship enables a person to live and work in Cyprus – an EU Country freely. To gain citizenship an individual has to take part in the Cyprus Investment Program. This program requires the applicant to invest 2 million Euros in real estate, land development, and infrastructure projects. These investments are both beneficial for the Cyprus economy but also beneficial for the investor as Cyprus provides many high return opportunities.

The investor will need a clear criminal record and own a private residence worth €500.000, however, if an investment for the program is made into residential property then this is no longer required. The investor can also gain citizenship for a spouse and children as well as his/her parents. Children are included up until age 18, or if they are financially dependent on the main applicant until the age of 27.

A child that is over the age of 27 but financially dependent on the main applicant due to disability will be accepted. To include an applicant’s parents an additional €500,000 investment in real estate is required.

Cyprus Investment Program Video

The Cyprus investment program is regarded as one of the best in the world. Ideal for those looking to make high return investments and gain a second citizenship.

Cyprus Investment Program Benefits

The program has the following Benefits:

  • The cost of Cyprus citizenship is considerably low in comparison to other programs
  • The investment must be held for only 5 years
  • No objections to dual nationalities
  • Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world
  • Favourable tax regime
  • Low cost of living
  • Excellent educational and healthcare facilities
  • High quality of life with guaranteed sunshine
  • Ideal location for international business

The Application Process

SkyPrime can handle the details and process of your application for Cyprus Citizenship. Our professional are experienced and efficient in ensuring a quick and smooth process. SkyPrime have also developed a number of luxury properties and seafront villas for individuals to invest in, below are just some:

Legal and Financial Suppliers

English common law creates the base of the framework for legal matters in Cyprus.

The framework is both business friendly and effective, ensuring transparency and reliability in all matters.

High Quality of Life

A peaceful environment is guaranteed in Cyprus alongside a comfortable standard of living. Known for warm hospitality, culture and arts, Cyprus promotes a high quality of life all year round with guaranteed sunshine.

Cyprus is ideal for families, known as a safe country  families can relax and enjoy the sun and sea with peace of mind.

Banking and Professional Sectors

Highly developed banking and legal services are abundant in Cyprus. Highly trained professionals provide trustworthy well-advised advice and services for all areas of business.

Due to the location of Cyprus the island is familiar with both local and international businesses, with an abundance of professional that are trained to deal with both.

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