Limassol Cyprus, Named in Top 100 Cities

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Name any city, and you’ll find it has a following of friends, fans, and others who are indifferent. But when Mercer’s lists Limassol in its top 100 cities worldwide in terms of quality of life, everyone in Cyprus smiles – because that is something we’ve known all along.

Mercer’s is the world’s largest human resources consulting firm, and its annual report is widely anticipated among a broad readership. In the last report, the firm examined 231 cities around the world for quality of living factors affecting expatriates – and Limassol ranked 86th among them. The result was based on ongoing research, focusing on different practical aspects of everyday life. Multinational companies often refer to the survey to adjust salaries and other forms of remuneration for employees who are positioned outside their home country.

Limassol is also blooming due to the Cyprus Investment Program that draws international investment into Cyprus property. For those who take part in the program, Limassol is one of the most popular cities as it offers a high standard of living with numerous luxury apartments in high rise buildings, ideal for high net worth individuals.

The Factors that Boosted Limassol’s Ranking

  • Political and social environment: In a region marked by political conflict and unrest, Cyprus emerges as a quiet haven, valued especially for its low crime rate – the lowest in Europe.
  • Economic environment: This indicator covers currency exchange regulations and the level and efficiency of banking services. In addition to the local banks, and to serve primarily expatriates and the international business community, various foreign banks have established a branch in Limassol, offering both corporate and retail banking service.
  • Socio-cultural environment: The degree of personal freedom, in line with European Union regulations, is often taken for granted in this city with its multicultural society and a host of local and foreign media channels.
  • Schools and education: From pre-school to tertiary education, the standard of education is high, with international schools and colleges offering English language instruction. Most English language high schools follow either the UK curriculum or the International Baccalaureate program to prepare students for university studies abroad.
  • Public services and transportation: Efficient infrastructure deliver affordable utilities – telecoms, electricity, and water. Public transport is improving every year, as Limassol embraces the principles of sustainable mobility.
  • Recreation: This is where Limassol exceeds expectations. To satisfy local and expatriate preferences, Limassol has a vast choice of restaurants, theatres, cinemas, sports and leisure options, way beyond what you would expect from its size.
  • Consumer goods: Shopping malls, department stores and big supermarket chains make shopping a pleasure. The choice of foodstuffs and consumer goods is excellent, prices are reasonable, and outlets are never congested.
  • Housing: Whether you wish to rent or buy, you will find residential properties of all sizes, from cozy suites to luxury villas. Household appliances and furniture shops offer a European standard variety of branded products to make your house a comfortable and welcoming home.
  • Natural environment: The mild Mediterranean climate all year round is almost free from extreme cold or heat, yet offers the beauty of four distinct seasons, each with its charm and leisure offerings – from swimming in summer to skiing in winter.

The real beauty of Limassol cannot be measured or captured in words… It radiates from its fun-loving people and has to be experienced. It is no wonder why so many wish to invest in Limassol and experience life in this gem of a city.

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Date published: May 23, 2019