What Kind of Education can you Expect in Cyprus?

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In Cyprus, education is for everyone, and it is compulsory for children from the age of 5 to 15. The different stages of the local education system are pre-school kindergarten, primary school, lower and higher secondary schools, and higher education at tertiary colleges and universities. Residents, as well as expatriates, enjoy access to all stages at both public and private institutions.

It is worth noting that the Cyprus Government stresses the importance of ensuring that all children, local or foreign, can continue their education while in Cyprus. The language of instruction at public schools is Greek, while private schools vary. You’ll find many private schools teaching in English and a few who offer instruction in either German, French or Russian to accommodate expatriate communities.

Private and Public Education in Cyprus

While private school teachers are used to having a mix of nationalities in every class, even public-school teachers receive special training to help them communicate and effectively teach pupils with different needs or from different language backgrounds.

All public schools are free, with fees payable only at tertiary level for post-graduate studies. Fees at private schools are reasonable for the most part but are still cheaper than private education in other European countries. Naturally, and due to the high demand, admission to the local universities is competitive and entrance exams are strict. It is widely recognized that the University of Cyprus has a very high standard, with only the best students gaining admission to the most desirable subjects. However, foreign university applicants generally prefer one of the many private colleges and universities where the language of instruction is English.

Overseas Students Studying in Cyprus

Apart from the fact that Cyprus universities offer internationally recognized bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, with credits that are transferable to other EU countries and also the US and Canada, there is more to studying in Cyprus than the academic challenges and achievements. Students in Cyprus enjoy the freedom of activity and expression in a safe environment that is known to have a very low crime rate. Not only is there the warm Mediterranean climate but also the multicultural environment helps students adjust to their new setting and make friends with many other nationals. If necessary, they can also find part-time student jobs. The result is a well-rounded student life that combines education with work and time for recreation.

Ultimately, spending a few years in Cyprus as an overseas student will help young adults develop a sense of independence and maturity while broadening their horizons in many ways that go beyond books, lectures, and seminars. It is an experience that brings students face to face with people and opportunities way beyond our small island.

Many SkyPrime clients that take part in the Cyprus Investment Program or the Cyprus Permanent Residency Program come to Cyprus with families that require a high standard of education. Due to the variety that Cyprus has to offer, with both private and public schools, also universities and colleges in many languages, Cyprus can guarantee an excellent education.

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Date published: September 21, 2018