High Net-Worth Individuals in Cyprus

Dual citizenship provides many benefits that few can take advantage of. While the majority of people only have access to the rights of their own country, those who have dual citizenship can open up access to opportunities and incentives around the world. This privilege is mainly reserved for High Net Worth Individuals. This is where Cyprus has so much to offer, personally and professionally opening business opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs.

Cyprus joining the European Union has drastically enhanced the appeal and potential of the island. EU Membership provides stability, security and harmonises with the European lifestyle.

Following the launch of the Cyprus Investment Program from the government in 2013 foreign direct investment has tripled. The program, which is linked to investment in Cyprus property of infrastructure projects, has proved to be powerful in boosting various sectors of the economy.

The boost in the economy has transformed the image of the island and uplifted the local lifestyle. Contemporary marinas are home to luxury sailboats, private jets are now a common site. The population as a whole is benefiting from the local and international confidence in the Cypriot economy.

Cyprus is a small island that many view as a corner of paradise. An island that homes thriving international businesses, also a top safe haven for families. These two factors are highly valued by High Net-Worth individuals who consider making Cyprus a second home.


Our Mission

SkyPrime Group has met the increased demand on the real estate sector by providing many luxury homes for high net worth individuals who wish to invest in Cyprus.

  • Investment in Cyprus options starting from €2 million
  • Exclusive 700 applicants per year
  • Approval of citizenship application within 6 months
  • Enjoy the rights of a Cypriot Citizen
  • No need to reside in Cyprus
  • Simple and straightforward process
Investment opportunities

Cyprus is taking vital steps towards attracting foreign investment.

Plans for the privatization of state telecoms, energy, ports companies, and real estate assets are underway, while gaming licenses are now been provided.

Offshore wealth

Confirmed offshore gas fields are likely to be a game-changer for Cyprus.

The discovery of natural gas reserves and exploitation activities in Cyprus’s Exclusive Economic Zone have already stimulated interest in investment and will have a powerful and positive impact on the economy over the coming years. It is predicted that Gas-field development will help Cyprus grow into an offshore oil and gas services hub.

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