Economic Citizenship via a Second Passport

Economic citizenship is the term used when an individual fully completes the process of gaining citizenship, or permanent residency, also known as naturalisation in a second country due to the individual’s investment in the country’s economy.

Economic citizenship provides the individual the ability to obtain a second passport. This is beneficial, as if an individual gain a passport in an EU Country, the individual is then entitled to travel visa free to European countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and benefit from EU rights, laws and regulations.

Why do People invest in a Second Passport?

Security – Access to a peaceful country via a second passport can be lifesaving in times of political unrest.

Global Mobility – The Cyprus passport provides increased global mobility, with access to 173 countries visa free.

Business – The Cyprus passport opens the door to international business deals and travel as well as investment opportunities in Cyprus itself.

Tax – Cyprus offers a favourable tax system including a double tax treaty network with 64 countries.

Education – The world of Education is available to those who obtain a second passport with access to some of the most renowned schools and universities.

Lifestyle – Cyprus provides a high quality of life with guaranteed sunshine with modern facilities.

Key Facts

Cyprus is an EU Country

Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004, granting access to travel, health care and education in Europe.

Citizenship for the Whole Family

Investors can extend citizenship to their whole family including parents and any other relatives dependent on the investor.

Second Passport

The investor will not be required to renounce any citizenship as the Cyprus government allows dual citizenship.

Investment €2,0 Million in Cyprus

It is required that the investment is made for the purchase or construction of private or commercial property projects.

Cyprus Investment Program Video

The Cyprus Government’s recently revised Cyprus Investment Program which is regarded by many as the best in the world, as it is the perfect response to the needs of High Net Worth Individuals.

Country Profile

  • Official Name:
    Republic of Cyprus
  • Date of Establishment:
  • National Anthem:
    Hymn to Liberty
  • Population:
  • Capital:
  • Time Zone:
    Eastern European Time Zone
  • Official Language:
  • Religion:
    Greek Orthodox
  • Government Type:
  • Currency:
  • Number of Airports:
  • Main Airport:
    Larnaca Airport
  • Climate:
    Mediterranean Climate
  • Driving Side:
  • Calling Code:
  • Citizenship by Investment Program Established In:

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