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Cyprus Economy Expands as Cyprus Becomes a Regional Hub of Business

The economic growth of Cyprus is expected to remain strong according to recent forecasts. GDP continues to grow at 3.1 per cent in 2019 with a predicted steady growth in 2020 of 2.7 per cent. Unemployment has dropped significantly from 8.4 per cent in 2018 to 6.7 per cent in 2019 with predictions of an unemployment rate of 5.9 in 2020.

It is clear from the figures that the Cypriot economy is healthy and reliable with steady growth, yet what factors have propelled Cyprus’s economy into such a beneficial place?

Regional Business in Cyprus Drives Economic Growth

Business in Cyprus has gone from strength to strength in recent years with President of the House Demetris Syllouris commenting “Our economy may be small, but it is open, transparent and business-friendly, and able to weather a great deal of obstacles”. He also remarked on the unique geographical location of Cyprus, a gateway between Europe and the Middle East. The benefits of the location have and continue to play a major role in the development of Cyprus alongside many multinational companies.

The proof is in the figures, in 2017 Cyprus had the biggest percentage increase in the number of high growth enterprises in the EU with 57 per cent followed by Slovenia with 20 per cent. Year after year following this the Cypriot business sectors continue to increase with high growth enterprises playing an important role to economic growth and the creation of jobs. Significant growth has been seen in the following sectors:


In the past few years the Cyprus shipping industry contributed more than one billion to the economy annually with high figures set for 2019, accounting for 7 per cent of the GDP. In the past five years an increase of 65 per cent has been noted in shipping companies registering with Cyprus, boosting the sector by 25 per cent overall.


Tourism continues to push through to new boundaries with a record of 3.6 million visitors in 2017 and just under four million in 2018 in an increase of 7.8 per cent. These impressive figures do not fall short in 2019 with an increase of 4.8 per cent for arrivals in the month of April compared to previous years.

The future for tourism remains bright in the long term with the country setting goals via a new tourism strategy. The strategy aims to double visitor arrivals, triple tourist revenue, create 47,000 jobs and attract 20 billion in new investment by 2030 according to the Cyprus Profile.

Cyprus Real Estate

The sector of real estate remains reliable and steady with healthy growth throughout the years. 2018 saw a growth of 6 per cent in Cyprus property sales with a 5 – 10 per cent growth predicted for 2019. A large majority of sales are due to foreign buyers accounting for 50 per cent of sales last year according to the financial mirror.

A new aspect to factor in is the discovery of natural gas resources offshore, presenting new opportunities for the real estate sector. Panos Danos, CEO of Danos/ BNPPRE Group commented that Cyprus has entered the gas era with his company predicting an even bigger growth of demand for real estate. “Energy employment has created major demand for office space, more efficient inventory control has caused demand for large warehouse space, land-based retail continues to grow as people have more money to spend and apartments are in large demand from young people, foreign investors and immigrants,”. These positive figures and promising future aspects due to the discovery of gas makes it clear that the real estate sector in Cyprus is flourishing with no signs of slowing down.

Financial Forex Services

Over the years the number of forex companies in Cyprus has increased, a large percentage are foreign businesses who recognise the benefits of setting up companies in Cyprus. As of April 2019, there are 676 regulated entities in Cyprus, this is a 173.7 per cent increase from 2011 where there were only 247 regulated entities.

Foreign Direct Investment in Cyprus

As many sectors within the Cyprus economy prosper it is no wonder that so many foreigners wish to invest in Cyprus. Alongside the incentive of the successful Cyprus Investment Program, the impact of foreign investment can already be seen in Cyprus as mentioned above in the real estate sector and forex sector to name just a few. Plans for continual foreign direct investment in Cyprus show no signs of stopping.

President of the House Demetris Syllouris comments “Although Cyprus’ main pillars of business are based on tourism, shipping and professional services, there is a constant attempt for improvement and innovation. With the contribution of Foreign Direct Investments rising steadily and the future prospect of Cyprus becoming an Eastern Mediterranean oil and gas centre, it is no wonder that the Cypriot economy is expanding outwards as a regional hub of business excellence”.

Date published: June 20, 2019

Limassol Cyprus, Named in Top 100 Cities

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Name any city, and you’ll find it has a following of friends, fans, and others who are indifferent. But when Mercer’s lists Limassol in its top 100 cities worldwide in terms of quality of life, everyone in Cyprus smiles – because that is something we’ve known all along.

Mercer’s is the world’s largest human resources consulting firm, and its annual report is widely anticipated among a broad readership. In the last report, the firm examined 231 cities around the world for quality of living factors affecting expatriates – and Limassol ranked 86th among them. The result was based on ongoing research, focusing on different practical aspects of everyday life. Multinational companies often refer to the survey to adjust salaries and other forms of remuneration for employees who are positioned outside their home country.

Limassol is also blooming due to the Cyprus Investment Program that draws international investment into Cyprus property. For those who take part in the program, Limassol is one of the most popular cities as it offers a high standard of living with numerous luxury apartments in high rise buildings, ideal for high net worth individuals.

The Factors that Boosted Limassol’s Ranking

  • Political and social environment: In a region marked by political conflict and unrest, Cyprus emerges as a quiet haven, valued especially for its low crime rate – the lowest in Europe.
  • Economic environment: This indicator covers currency exchange regulations and the level and efficiency of banking services. In addition to the local banks, and to serve primarily expatriates and the international business community, various foreign banks have established a branch in Limassol, offering both corporate and retail banking service.
  • Socio-cultural environment: The degree of personal freedom, in line with European Union regulations, is often taken for granted in this city with its multicultural society and a host of local and foreign media channels.
  • Schools and education: From pre-school to tertiary education, the standard of education is high, with international schools and colleges offering English language instruction. Most English language high schools follow either the UK curriculum or the International Baccalaureate program to prepare students for university studies abroad.
  • Public services and transportation: Efficient infrastructure deliver affordable utilities – telecoms, electricity, and water. Public transport is improving every year, as Limassol embraces the principles of sustainable mobility.
  • Recreation: This is where Limassol exceeds expectations. To satisfy local and expatriate preferences, Limassol has a vast choice of restaurants, theatres, cinemas, sports and leisure options, way beyond what you would expect from its size.
  • Consumer goods: Shopping malls, department stores and big supermarket chains make shopping a pleasure. The choice of foodstuffs and consumer goods is excellent, prices are reasonable, and outlets are never congested.
  • Housing: Whether you wish to rent or buy, you will find residential properties of all sizes, from cozy suites to luxury villas. Household appliances and furniture shops offer a European standard variety of branded products to make your house a comfortable and welcoming home.
  • Natural environment: The mild Mediterranean climate all year round is almost free from extreme cold or heat, yet offers the beauty of four distinct seasons, each with its charm and leisure offerings – from swimming in summer to skiing in winter.

The real beauty of Limassol cannot be measured or captured in words… It radiates from its fun-loving people and has to be experienced. It is no wonder why so many wish to invest in Limassol and experience life in this gem of a city.

Date published: May 23, 2019

Updates to the Cyprus Investment Program

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In February 2019 the Cyprus Council of Ministers approved changes to the Cyprus Investment Program that will come into effect from the 15 May 2019.

What is the Cyprus Investment Program?

The Cyprus Investment Program enables non-Cypriots who meet specific criteria and invest a certain amount of money in Cyprus property to become a citizen of Cyprus, an EU Country, gaining a Cyprus passport for themselves and their family. The program has become increasingly popular amongst high net worth individuals who, with a second passport reap the benefits such as international business, EU benefits and safety.

What Criteria has been Updated?

  • A set number of 700 Applications per year under the CIP in the Republic of Cyprus.
  • The investment is €2m if the investment is invested directly into residential real estate, this means buying a brand-new property.
  • For resale properties, the investment amount increases to €2.5m.
  • A donation of €75,000 to the land development organisation to fund affordable housing schemes will be required.
  • A donation of €75,000 euro to the Research and innovation foundation.
  • Applicants will now need to be in possession of a Schengen visa when applying
  • Applicants who were denied passports by any other EU country for citizenship, will not be allowed to apply for Cypriot Citizenship.
  • The investment will need to be maintained for 5 years instead of 3 years.
  • During this 5-year period, the investor will be entitled to change his investment into other forms of permitted investments.
  • Shipping will be included in the investment sectors.
  •  Investment in government bonds shall no longer be available.
  • If the investment is in real estate, a planning permit must be in place.
  • Due diligence and background checks shall be carried out by a specialized foreign firm.

Why has the Cyprus Investment Program been Updated?

The cabinet updated the criteria for the program in order to protect the financial benefits and ensure more direct investment into the creation of an eco-system of business innovation. Other donations will be used to provide financing to housing programs for affordable housing.

Stricter criteria will also be implemented to verify who can gain a Cyprus Passport. Following stricter due diligence procedures with the obligation for investors to hold a Schengen visa and the rejection of applicants who have failed to obtain passports from similar schemes.

Overall the changes ensure a secure financial future for Cyprus and a higher standard of criteria for applicants.

What is the Reaction to the Update?

With the changes set to be implemented on May 15th there have been an increase in applicants who wish to apply before the updates come into effect. According to news sources (phileleftheros), the increase could result in prematurely reaching the limit of 700 passports granted per year.

Although the update comes into effect on May 15th, it is possible that a slight extension may be granted to certain applicants, for example, those who already possess a bill of sale for a property but have not completed all the required paperwork. In these cases, if an applicant submits the bill of sale before May 15, but not the other documentation, the investor’s application could be assessed based on the existing criteria.

Date published: May 9, 2019

Short Term Lettings – Boosted by the Cyprus Investment Program

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The success of the Cyprus Investment program over the years has resulted in an increase of investment in property. Through investment in property, many have realised the benefits of renting property, specifically the benefits of short term letting.

International apps such as Airbnb and other platforms have enabled owners of properties to rent their property for short periods of time to holiday makers. Short term lettings are on the increase, since 2018 short term lettings on rental platforms have risen significantly. According to statistics from Airbnb 120,000 visitors from 125 countries chose short term lettings in 2017-2018.

Economic Benefits of Short Term Letting

For those who have or are thinking of purchasing a holiday home in Cyprus, the benefits of generating an income when the home is not in use from short term letting is very appealing. Essentially it is a win win situation, alongside the Cyprus Investment Program high net worth individuals are able to invest in Cyprus property and gain citizenship.

As many of these individuals travel for business or have homes in other countries the option of letting the property short term to holiday makers is ideal. Others also benefit from the process from cleaners of the property to taxi drivers, the process generates more jobs in Cyprus and thus benefits the economy as a whole.

Increasing Tourist Numbers

The demand for short term lettings is supported by the increase in tourism to Cyprus. As Cyprus is now recognised as an all year holiday destination new tourism records continue to be set, for example in February this year arrivals of tourists reached 105,571 from 101,481 in February 2018, recording an increase of 4.0%. The figures are set to increase at a steady rate guaranteeing a stable flow of tourists that need accommodation thus generating a reliable income for those who rent properties.

High Demand for Tourist Accommodation in Cyprus

The increase in holiday makers who use short term letting is no secret to investors. People are seizing the opportunity of the Cyprus Investment Program by investing and renting one or more properties to meet the demand for tourist accommodation. This is reflected in the property market, sales during the first two months of 2019 has seen an increase of 18% compared to 2018. Now is the ideal time to invest in Cyprus Property for personal, commercial use or both. SkyPrime can help you find the perfect Cypriot property with a selection of luxury seafront villas in Cyprus.

Skyprime are experience in processing applications for the Cyprus Investment Program.

Date published: April 9, 2019

Strong Economic Growth Reflected in the Cyprus Property Market

Following a successful year for the Cyprus economy, it is set to maintain strong growth for the next few years according to the European Commissions forecast. A strong economy goes hand in hand with the rise of property sales and the figures do not disappoint.

The economy’s growth is expected to remain strong and above average – predicted at 2.9 % in 2020. The growth is driven via domestic demand, private consumption, investment and exports while unemployment is expected to continue its rapid decline with the lowest level of unemployment recorded in 8 years.

Cyprus Property Market

All of these factors create an ideal environment for the property market to flourish. Investors have seized the opportunity to purchase apartments to rent to young professionals due to the growing employment market. International investments have contributed to large projects such as the Ayia Napa Marina set to increase the value of property in the near by area, whilst many continue to invest in beautiful sea front villas, ideal for holiday homes. Not forgetting the successful Cyprus Investment Program which grants those who invest a certain amount of money in property Cyprus Citizenship.

These factors have ensured growth in the property market with some cities of Cyprus seeing an increase of 14% of total property sales compared to 2018 and overseas sales are up by 70% in some areas in comparison to 2018. The figures can be viewed below:

Year Overseas Sales Domestic Sales % Overseas Sales Total Sales
2000 450 12,214 3.6% 12,664
2001 1,207 12,849 8.6% 14,056
2002 2,548 14,111 15.3% 16,659
2003 3,981 15,294 20.7% 19,275
2004 5,384 11,947 31.1% 17,331
2005 6,485 10,106 39.1% 16,591
2006 8,355 8,598 49.3% 16,953
2007 11,281 9,964 53.1% 21,245
2008 6,636 8,031 45.2% 14,667
2009 1,761 6,409 21.6% 8,170
2010 2,030 6,568 23.6% 8,598
2011 1,652 5,366 23.5% 7,018
2012 1,476 4,793 23.5% 6,269
2013 1,017 2,750 27.0% 3,767
2014 1,193 3,334 26.4% 4,527
2015 1,349 3,603 27.2% 4,952
2016 1,813 5,250 25.7% 7,063
2017 2,406 6,328 27.5% 8,734
2018 4,367 4,875 47.3% 9,242
2019 (Jan) 357 409 46.6% 766
Totals 65,748 152,799 30.1% 218,547

Opportunities Created

The property market in Cyprus is predicted to grow in a stable manor thus creating investment opportunities. Now is the ideal time to invest in property for either personal use e.g. a new home or holiday home or to invest for business e.g. renting apartments for homes for holiday makers or locals. Whatever the reason SkyPrime can assist in finding the perfect property for you.

Date published: March 12, 2019

The Power of the Cyprus Economy – Past, Present & Future

After the financial crisis of 2013, Cyprus is now not only recovering well but also regarded as a rapidly developing country that is attracting serious foreign investors.

As in so many other instances, history is often a great help in forecasting the future – and a quick look at the modern history of the Cyprus economy could make its recent quick and impressive recovery less surprising.

Looking Back on the History of Cyprus

Before Cyprus gained independence, it was the object of various conquests for centuries. The Venetians ruled the island from 1489-1571, before the Ottomans called it their own from 1571 to 1878. It then entered the colonial era and was under British rule from 1878 until the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960.

Independence was followed the industrial evolution, the construction of hotels and various exports which all together triggered population growth and job creation. Yet this prosperity came to a sudden halt when Turkey invaded the island, the northern districts came under occupation and, in general, the economy was ruined.

The fact that the island could regain its economic health, wealth and prosperity in just over a decade is very telling. As a small island with a total population of around 1,2 million only, the size of the economy is also small – in absolute numbers (current GDP is around USD 20bn). As such, even moderate favourable conditions can have a powerful positive impact on the overall economy. Instability in other countries in the region led to an influx of people and capital, which boosted the economy and took it to new heights in the decades from the 1980s onwards.

Modern History of Cyprus


In the period from 2007 to 2012, when other European countries were in economic decline, Cyprus seemed resilient, almost immune to the recession that was spreading across the Euro zone. In terms of growth, it was for the most part ahead of its fellow member states.

However, the island was not spared. The financial crisis hit it, and hit it badly, in 2012-2013, to a great extent due to its exposure to the Greek sovereign debt crisis. Finally, there was no way out but to agree to the terms of a €10 billion international bailout by the Eurogroup, the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund in March 2013. However, only three years later in 2016, Cyprus was able to exit the bailout programme, ahead of schedule and without utilizing some 30% of the allocated funds, thanks to its strict adherence to austerity measures, reforms, and a number of privatization plans.

Defying all predictions, it was able to arrest the slowdown and return to growth a year earlier than most analysts expected. 

The Present and Future of Cyprus

In 2018, the Cyprus economy grew by an astounding 4,2%. This rate is expected to level in the coming years. For 2019, the European Commission’s economic forecast shows a 3,8% y-o-y GDP growth in Cyprus, compared with 1,2% in the UK, 1,8% in France and 2,1 in Germany.

A main driving factor of the economic recovery is from the Cyprus Investment Program and Cyprus Permanent Residency Permit – Providing sound investments to individuals who partake whilst granting citizenship or residency that can be extended to the investor’s family.

Once again Cyprus has proved its ability to face and overcome adversity. Today as in the past, local and international investors and entrepreneurs recognize the value of the island’s mild climate, strategic location and ability to serve as a bridge that connects Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Reinforced with its membership of the European Union since 2004, Cyprus has regained its reputation as a country with healthy economic prospects and a significant investment potential.

Date published: March 4, 2019

What to Expect for the Cyprus Real Estate Market in 2019

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Cyprus has seen great success in real estate development and sales in 2018. With a number of investment upgrades and support from the Cyprus Investment Program, the market has flourished in 2018 – but what does 2019 hold for the Cyprus Real Estate Market?

Investment and Demand for Cyprus Office Premises

Traditionally the Cyprus property market is dominated by residential developments. However, Cyprus has attracted a number of international business that recognises the potential of setting up a business abroad. Due to this factor and the expanding economy, in general, the increase for office premises has skyrocketed. Development companies focus on the construction of office facilities with Grade A offices appealing to investors and the prime yield reaching 5.5% in 2018. In 2019 the Cyprus economy is expected to continue accelerating, with a 3.2% growth predicted in 2019, ensuring investment in office developments.

Following this increase in business, in turn it has led to the increase of employees, figures released by Eurostat for November 2018 showed that the unemployment rate in Cyprus has shrunk to 9.2% – which means the unemployment rate has almost halved over the last years. This has rejuvenated the real estate marker for young professionals who wish to rent.

Renting Residential Property

Although the demand for office premises have increased, the foundation of the Cyprus real estate market remains in residential property. The market for renting properties in Cyprus is set to increase in 2019 as employment figures increase (as mentioned above) the option of renting a property is achievable for professionals. Increase in renting is also attributed to Cypriots that prefer to rent then buy, foreign workers who do not wish to be tied down to owning a property or the large number of foreign students that come to the island looking to rent for a few years. All of these factors play a role in creating a great opportunity for the development of property to rent residentially.

Continual Investment in Cyprus

Cyprus has gained international attention as a successful place to invest in, the countries creditworthiness has been upgraded seven times in 2018. Once by Moody’s, once by Standard and Poor’s, and twice by Fitch ratings and DBRS. The creditworthiness of Cyprus is expected to be evaluated eight times in 2019 with positive results predicted and ultimately a continued positive impact on the economy and real estate sector.

Cyprus Investment Program

Although the renting market in Cyprus is growing the Cyprus Investment Program that allows investors to obtain the Cyprus passport, is set to maintain a big role in 2019. With a flourishing economy, the program has become even more attractive for those who wish to invest in property and gain citizenship, particularly popular are luxury villas and seafront villas in Cyprus that grow in value over time. With increasing, investment grades now is the perfect time to seize the opportunity to take part in the program and invest in Cyprus property.

Overall 2019 holds a bright outlook with a healthy real estate sector, based on the foundation of a strong economy. Whether you wish to buy or rent Cyprus is always a good idea.

Date published: February 5, 2019

Benefits of Gaining Cyprus Citizenship

Cyprus is an EU country that receives all EU benefits and rights. As a citizen of Cyprus these rights and benefits are extended to citizens improving the quality of life. Cyprus Citizenship is not just accessible for those born in Cyprus, exclusive individuals may apply for citizenship and acquire a second passport through the Cyprus Investment Program.

What is the Cyprus Investment Program?

The Program is designed to promote investment into real estate, land development and infrastructure projects in Cyprus. This opportunity is available to non-Cypriot citizens that meet specific criteria outlined by the Government of Cyprus. Upon making an investment of at least €2 million the investor will gain a Cyprus Passport and enjoy the benefits of being a citizen of a country that is a European Union member.

Benefits of acquiring a Cyprus passport do not end there – the below infographic provides more details.

Since posting this article the following changes to the Cyprus Investment Program has been implemented. If an investor wishes to purchase a resale property, the investment amount increases to €2.5m. All investors are also required to make a €75,000 donation to the land development organisation and a €75,000 donation to the Research and innovation foundation to qualify for the Cyprus Investment Program. For further information view our Cyprus Investment Program page.

Date published: January 10, 2019

Variety of Nightlife and Entertainment in Cyprus

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The Mediterranean climate and the reliable sunshine of Cyprus always generates a holiday atmosphere. It’s something you feel, even if you are a permanent resident on the island. Perhaps it’s because the long days and warm weather that last for nine months of the year take people outdoors from late afternoon often until early in the morning. During the week, nightlife is naturally a bit slower, but on weekends, residents and holidaymakers alike enjoy the colorful after-hours activity. What’s interesting is that, despite the island’s small size, every town has its own ‘brand’ of evening entertainment that is exciting in its own right and worth exploring.

Ayia Napa – Ultimate Nightlife

In Ayia Napa, the evening hot spots are as much of a magnet as the resort’s sandy beaches. In fact, the two complement each other perfectly, offering visitors a 24-hour experience of Mediterranean fun that is particularly appreciated by the young and young at heart. The good thing is that most of the pubs, clubs, restaurants, and bars are concentrated in the same area around the center of the resort. So, get dressed for the evening, decide what you’d like to have for dinner – you’ll find it all in Ayia Napa – then spend the night popping in and out of different venues for drinks, dancing and live performances.

Paphos – Tourist Paradise

Paphos is generally known as the quieter, calmer, more culturally oriented resort with an air of history. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! The tourist area near the coastal promenade has a string of bars and entertainment spots. Evening entertainment peaks in summer when the town is bustling with holidaymakers. Enjoy the music, the food, and a drink late into the evening, before returning to the tranquility of your home or holiday accommodation.

Limassol – Cosmopolitan City

Limassol is the town that follows the motto: work hard, play hard. It is the commercial and shipping center of Cyprus by day and the party town by night –including holidays and festival seasons. Like the town’s high-end hotels and exclusive residential developments, through investment in Limassol, Limassol’s nightlife is more cosmopolitan, more glam, and more lavish, with the well-known clubs often inviting Greek pop stars and renowned DJs for open-air concerts.

Larnaca – Seaside Town

Larnaca takes a softer approach to nightlife, opting for moderation in every aspect, appealing to the taste and preferences of both local residents and visitors. After hours most people gravitate towards the popular palm tree promenade and pedestrian zone that are lined with taverns, cafés, and bars, some of which offer live music and dance floors.

Nicosia – The Capital

Nicosia, the inland capital, has a very different evening entertainment scene with a more local touch that is appreciated equally by Cypriots and expatriate residents. In addition to specialty restaurants offering dining options from around the world, the Old Town is home to an endless array of taverns and cafés. The city also boasts nightclubs that are regarded as a hotbed of young talent and a very popular and dedicated jazz club that hosts guest performers from Cyprus and abroad.

Each location draws people from all over to enjoy the various styles of nightlife – Like the sound of more than one location? As Cyprus is a small island many are able to visit more than one town or city to experience the variety and style of nightlife – Enjoy exploring Cyprus nightlife.

Date published: November 27, 2018

Cyprus Upgraded to Investment Grade

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Cyprus’ sovereign rating has been upgraded by Fitch Ratings to investment grade, ‘BBB- ‘from ‘BB+’, with a stable outlook as the island expects a 2.7 percent fiscal surplus this year and continuous growth that will boost receipts.

Learn more about the Cyprus Investment Program 

Finance Minister Harris Georgiades took to Twitter to comment.

“Fitch said the upgrade reflected the buoyant fiscal revenue and prudent fiscal policy, which will see Cyprus record a fiscal surplus of 2.7 percent of GDP in 2018, compared with a target of 1.7 percent in the April 2018 Stability Program Update”

Proof of Cyprus Investment

The property market in Cyprus is on the rise with the House Price Index (HPI) reached 103.98 units for the second quarter of the year, increasing by 0.6% compared to the first three months of 2018.

Experts in the property sector confirm that the upward trend of house prices is combined with a continual increase in demand for real estate. The Land Registry has recorded that 4,500 homes were sold in the first half of the year, 27% more than the number of transactions filed with the registry for the same period in 2017.

The trend is set to continue for the remainder of the year, surpassing the sales of last year that reached an 8 year high with an impressive 132% growth from 2013.

The rise of investment in property is also linked to the success of the Cyprus Investment Program. Transactions involving foreigner investors have doubled in some cities and seen a 70% growth.

Investment Opportunities Available at SkyPrime

SkyPrime offers the opportunity to invest in the property market with a selection of luxury villas, as well as seafront villas in Cyprus. Ideal for those who wish to obtain a permanent home or holiday home. The investment also presents the opportunity to lease the property out long term or lease the property as a holiday rental as seen on Whatever the reason is for buying Cyprus Property SkyPrime can help find the perfect home with luxury projects such as:

Date published: November 6, 2018