How to Apply for Cypriot Citizenship via Investment

tree sea view cyprus

Acquiring Cyprus citizenship entitles a person, amongst others, to live and work in Cyprus without any restriction as well as travel without any formalities within the EU.

The requirement for the applicant is a minimum investment of 2 million euro in real estate, land development and infrastructure projects, the applicant also required to keep the investment for a minimum of 3 years.

The applicant will need a clear criminal record and own a private residence in Cyprus purchased for at least €500.000, however if investments are made into residential property in Cyprus or number of properties in Cyprus this requirement is not applicable.

The Investor may include the spouse and children, as well as his/her parents in the same citizenship application. Children includes minors up to the age of 18 and children aged 18-27 if they are financially dependent on the main applicant.

An investors’ child with severe physical or mental disability that makes him or her unable to work is also considered as financially dependent. Parents may also be included in the same application, provided an additional €500,000 investment in real estate is made.

At Skyprime Group we have the experts that can assist in fulfilling the main requirement of investing in property to gain Cyprus Citizenship. Our team is experienced in handling all further terms and paperwork following an investment in property, fully capable of completing the whole procedure.

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